Synergetic Labs



Everything starts somewhere. This is where we start. We are a group of enthusiasts who like to play with ideas.


We believe play is invaluable.

Humanity must keep it.


We believe in the craft of written words and strive to communicate via them.


lab@synlabs:~$ dict Synergy

From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:

Synergy \Syn"er*gy, n. [Gr. ?. See {Synergetic}.]

  2. Combined action; especially (Med.), the combined healthy
  action of every organ of a particular system; as, the
  digestive synergy.
  [1913 Webster]

  2. An effect of the interaction of the actions of two agents
  such that the result of the combined action is greater
  than expected as a simple additive combination of the two
  agents acting separately; – also called {synergism.}.
  Opposite to {antagonism}.[PJC]

There is a synergy between humanity and technology. It exists, we feel it.

The lab is a place, a santuary, where we explore that synergy.


We embrace The Joy of Missing Out.


We don’t fear Artificial Intelligence. We embrace it.

We will remain humans first.